can rabbits eat pistachios?

can rabbits eat pistachios?

can rabbits eat pistachios?

No, the rabbit cannot eat pistachios because the pistachios contain a very high content of sugars and fats, and pistachios may cause the rabbit a lot of health problems such as diarrhea and obesity, so I do not advise you to offer pistachios to the rabbit

The diet of the rabbit should consist mainly of vegetables with a small piece of fruit, preferably if you provide the rabbit with fruit every two days and not every day because it contains a high proportion of sugars also and may cause the rabbit to have diarrhea, the rabbit can eat many vegetables such as romaine lettuce and celery Carrots and cucumbers, and I do not advise you to offer him spinach and broccoli because they contain an organic substance called oxalate and may cause bladder stones for the rabbit.

are Pistachios good for rabbits?

In fact, pistachios contain high nutritional value as they contain vitamin C that the rabbits needs and cannot produce it naturally, so it needs from an external source also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium, but it contains a high percentage of fat, sugar and calcium, and this may cause the guinea pig a lot of health problems

Pistachio nuts are considered a snack for people to eat for their entertainment, although they may be harmful due to the high fat content. Therefore, it is not considered a good food for rabbits and is also not considered a basic meal.

risks of Pistachios for rabbits

Due to the high sugar and fat content of pistachios, the rabbits can cause many health problems such as diarrhea and obesity

Pistachios may cause rabbits stones, if you give the rabbits another food with pecans that contain oxalates, oxalates are organic substances that prevent calcium from being absorbed from the body, which causes calcium to accumulate in the body and causes bladder stones, so you must be careful and do not give the rabbits any food with Pistachios that contains oxalates such as broccoli Or spinach

Nutritional value

Nutritional value per 100 g 

  1. Energy 2,351 kJ (562 kcal)
  2. Carbohydrates27.51 g
  3. Sugars 7.66 g
  4. Dietary fiber 10.3 g
  5. Fat45.39 g
  6. Saturated 5.556 g
  7. Monounsaturated 23.820 g
  8. Polyunsaturated 13.744 g
  9. Protein20.27 g
  10. Vitamin B6 131%1.700 mg
  11. Vitamin C 7%5.6 mg
  12. Vitamin D 0%0 μg
  13. Vitamin E 15%2.3 mg
  14. Vitamin K 13%13.2 μg
  15. Calcium 11%105 mg
  16. Iron 30%3.92 mg
  17. Magnesium 34%121 mg
  18. Manganese 57%1.2 mg
  19. Phosphorus 70%490 mg
  20. Potassium 22%1025 mg
  21. Zinc 23%
I do not advise you to offer pistachio nuts to the rabbit because they contain a lot of fats and may cause the rabbit to become distressed and obese, and it may also be difficult for the rabbit to digest