can hamsters eat acorns ?


can hamsters eat acorns

can hamsters eat acorns

Hamsters cannot eat acorns for several reasons. First, it does not contain any nutritional value at all. It does not contain any vitamins or minerals that can benefit hamsters.

Secondly, it is very difficult to digest and may cause hamsters many digestive problems and may even cause stagnation of the digestive system, a condition in which the digestive system of hamsters does not work well, so be careful and do not give acorns to hamsters

are Acorns bad for hamsters 

Yes, acorns are very harmful to the hamster , and as I mentioned, they do not contain any vitamins or minerals such as calcium, iron, vitamin C or K that can benefit the hamster , but it may also cause problems in the digestive system of the hamster , so be careful and never give it to the hamster. Otherwise, it will expose him to many health problems