Can Guinea Pigs Eat Arugula? (benefits and risks)



Can a guinea pig eat Arugula and is it beneficial or harmful to it? All of these questions I answered below

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Arugula?

Yes guinea pigs can eat Arugula in moderation. Arugula contains a high nutritional value as it contains vitamin C, which the guinea pig needs in abundance because it cannot produce naturally, so it also contains a good proportion of calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin K and A.

Arugula is one of the best vegetables that I advise you to add to your guinea pig's diet, but you should give it to him in moderation, as once a week is sufficient, because Arugula contains a high percentage of water, which may cause the guinea pig to have diarrhea as well. The guinea pig may not like Arugula because of its taste. Therefore, if he does not like to eat Arugula, do not give them to him again

Is arugula safe for guinea pigs?

Yes, it is very safe and it will not cause the guinea pig any problems, but you should give arugula in moderation and not every day because that will cause him many problems such as diarrhea. Some people think that the high calcium content in arugula may harm the guinea pig and cause him bladder stones, but this belief Wrong, because bladder stones are formed when food contains a high percentage of oxalates that prevent calcium from being absorbed, causing bladder stones, and arugula does not contain oxalates, so do not worry arugula will not cause a guinea pig to have bladder stones , But you should give arugula to your guinea pig in moderation, as once a week is sufficient

can guinea pigs eat Arugula everyday

No, and I do not advise you to do this, because either it causes the Guinea pig many problems
Psychological problems such as depression and unhappiness, because he eats the same food every day
Health problems Sometimes you may give your guinea pig a food that contains oxalate, which could cause your guinea pig to have bladder stones

Arugula is very good for a guinea pig, but it should be eaten in moderation and in a small amount, although it contains a high nutritional value and is not harmful, but Arugula may sometimes cause bladder stones for a guinea pig, if it is eaten with Arugula another food or fruit that contains a high proportion of oxalates So be careful while you give him Arugula