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Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt?

Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt (benefits and risks)

Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt?

In fact, the answer is easy, but there are two answers. The first is if you are very keen on the health of the hamster and do not want to cause him any problems, I do not advise you to offer yogurt or dairy products in general such as cheese and yogurt to hamsters because they contain a high percentage of fat, which may cause many hamsters Health problems such as diarrhea, obesity and diabetes

The second answer: You can offer skimmed yogurt, which does not contain a high percentage of fat, and it should not contain sugars. You can only serve suspended in a month and not more than that because it also contains a fat percentage, and as I mentioned you must give it to hamsters without any additives such as Sugar

Therefore, in my opinion, I advise you not to offer yogurt to hamsters because it is really very harmful to hamsters and all dairy products because the digestive system of hamsters cannot handle the high fat content in dairy products well and may cause the hamster's digestive readiness to stagnate, a condition in which the digestive system does not work well.

Can Hamsters eat Greek Yogurt

You can offer Greek yogurt to hamsters, but in moderation, as only two suspension per month is sufficient and will not cause the hamster any problems. Greek yogurt is the lowest type of yogurt that contains fat or sugar content, but it also remains harmful to the hamster if he eats it a lot, so be careful and do not give the hamster except Only two tablespoons a month to benefit from the nutritional value of yogurt

can hamsters eat yogurt drops

I do not advise you to offer yogurt drops to hamsters because they contain a high percentage of sugar and fats, which may cause hamsters to have diarrhea and obesity, so it is better not to lead them to hamsters

Nutritional value per 100 g

  1. Energy 406 kJ (97 kcal)
  2. Carbohydrates 3.98 g
  3. Sugars 4.0 g
  4. Dietary fiber 0 g
  5. Fat 5.0 g
  6. Protein 9.0 g
  7. Thiamine (B1) 2%0.023 mg
  8. Riboflavin (B2) 23%0.278 mg
  9. Niacin (B3) 1%0.208 mg
  10. Pantothenic acid (B5) 7%0.331 mg
  11. Vitamin B6 5%0.063 mg
  12. Folate (B9) 1%5 μg
  13. Vitamin B12 31%0.75 μg
  14. Choline 3%15.1 mg
  15. Vitamin C 0%0 mg
  16. Calcium 10%100 mg
  17. Iron 0%0 mg
  18. Magnesium 3%11 mg
  19. Manganese 0%0.009 mg
  20. Phosphorus 19%135 mg
  21. Potassium 3%141 mg
  22. Sodium 2%35 mg
  23. Zinc 5%0.52 mg
  24. Selenium 9.7 µg
  25. Water 81.3 g

is Yogurt bad for hamsters

Unfortunately yes, yogurt and most dairy products are very harmful to hamsters due to the high content of sugars and fats, which may cause hamsters to have many health problems such as diarrhea, obesity, diabetes and hamster digestive stagnation

Also dairy products contain a high percentage of calcium, which may cause hamsters to have bladder stones, and this happens if you give the hamster another food with any type of dairy product that contains a high percentage of oxalates and oxalates, organic substances that prevent calcium absorption, which causes calcium to accumulate in the body and causes bladder stones Examples of oxalate foods are spinach and broccoli

Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt? I do not advise you to offer yogurt or some type of dairy products to hamsters because they contain a high percentage of fat and diabetes and may cause hamsters to have diarrhea and obesity, but you can offer only two suspensions per month to hamsters as an occasional treatment to benefit from the vitamins and minerals in yogurt

Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt?
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