can hamsters eat apples? (benefits,risks)


Many hamster breeders wonder if hamsters can eat apples and if apples safe for hamsters or harmful, so I answered all of these questions below.

 can hamsters eat apples?

Yes you can give apples to hamsters because apples contain a lot of vitamins and proteins that hamsters need in order to grow, apples contain vitamin C, vitamin K and A, and also contain calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous, but you should give apples to hamsters in a small amount and only once a week, Apples contain a large amount of sugars that may cause hamsters to have diarrhea and obesity, so be careful and only give them as occasional treat.

Apples are one of the best types of fruits that you can offer a hamster, and he will love to eat apples a lot, but as we have said, you should give him apples in moderation and in a small quantity so that he does not suffer from diarrhea, he should also eat apples within a diet with vegetables, I do not advise you that apples be the main meal But hamsters should eat apples with an amount of vegetables

can hamster eat apple skin or seeds

It is not preferable to give the hamster apples with skin or with seeds because this may expose to diarrhea, so it is preferable at first that you prepare fresh apples and wash well and then peel the apples and cut them very small pieces and throw the seeds away then give the apples to the hamster to eat

Are apples safe for hamsters?

Of course, apples are very safe for hamsters if they eat them in moderation, as once a week is enough, but if you give them apples or any type of fruit in large quantities, this will cause the hamster to have diarrhea, the hamster needs a small piece of fruit every day or every other day to take advantage of the sugars present In fruit

Apples contain a high percentage of vitamin C, which the hamster cannot produce by themselves, so it needs from an external source. It also contains vitamin K and A and a good percentage of calcium needed to build and strengthen bones, so apples are one of the best foods that you can offer to hamsters

Apples are one of the best types of fruit that I advise you to add to the hamster's diet, as apples contain high nutritional value and contain a lot of vitamins and proteins that hamsters need, such as vitamin C, K, and calcium, but you should offer them apples in a small amount as once a week It is sufficient so that he does not have diarrhea due to the high content of sugars in the apples, or he becomes obese due to the proportion of fats and sugars in the apples.