Can Guinea Pigs Eat Crackers? (benefits and risks)


Can a guinea pig eat Crackers and is it beneficial or harmful to him? I have answered all of these questions below.

 Can Guinea Pigs Eat Crackers?

guinea pigs can't eat Crackers, the Crackers contains a high percentage of fats and sugars that will cause him many problems such as diarrhea and obesity and also does not contain good nutritional value for the guinea pig because the harm resulting from it is more than its benefits. The diet for the guinea pig is mainly vegetables with a small piece of fruit. You should also give the guinea pig the vegetables and fruits that contain a high percentage of vitamin C because it cannot produce naturally, so it needs an external source

are Crackers good for Guinea Pigs ?

No, it is not beneficial for the guinea pig, Crackers are a snack for people, not for the guinea pig, Crackers will cause diarrhea and obesity for the guinea pig, and he will always feel lazy, so it also does not have any benefits for the guinea pig, whether it is vitamins or proteins, but rather more harm than its benefits so if you like Your guinea pig, never give him Crackers

risks of feeding crackers to guinea pigs

Crackers can cause many health problems for the guinea pig, such as diarrhea and obesity. They are also not beneficial at all and do not contain any vitamins or minerals that can benefit the guinea pig, so it is better to stay away from them and not present them to the guinea pig at all. It is better to replace them with vegetables and fruits, but as I mentioned, you should The diet of a guinea pig consists mainly of vegetables with a small piece of fruit and you should not give vegetables that are high in oxalate to a guinea pig such as celery, spinach or radish, oxalate substances that prevent calcium absorption, which causes calcium accumulation in the body and causes bladder stones for a pig Guinea so be careful


  1. Protein – 7.14 g
  2. Carbs – 72.81 g
  3. Dietary fiber – 7.1 g
  4. Calcium – 0 mg
  5. Iron – 0 mg
  6. Magnesium – 20 mg
  7. Phosphorus – 100 mg
  8. Potassium – 99 mg
  9. Sodium – 571 mg
  10. Zinc – 0.65 mg
  11. Copper – 0.133 mg
  12. Selenium – 31.3 µg
  13. Vitamin C – 0 mg
  14. Vitamin A – 0 µg
  15. Vitamin E – 0.29 mg
  16. Vitamin D – 0 µg
  17. Vitamin K – 1.8 µg
Can Guinea Pigs Eat Crackers? I do not advise you to give the crackers to the guinea pig because it may cause him many health problems as well. It does not contain any nutritional value for the guinea pig as it does not contain the vitamin C that the guinea pig needs and it cannot produce it naturally also it does not contain calcium and it contains a high percentage of calories