Can Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel Sprouts? (benefits and risks)


Guinea pig needs vegetables and fruits that contain a high percentage of vitamin C because it cannot produce it naturally, so it needs from an external source, but some vegetables may contain a high percentage of vitamin C, but it is harmful or you can not give it to the guinea pig more than once a month Like Brussels sprouts, so I advise you to give Brussels sprouts to a pig that sang once a month as a variety of food and to benefit from vitamin C, but do not increase it because that will cause him to have bladder stones and pain when urinating

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Yes guinea pigs can eat Brussels sprouts, but it is better to stay away from it or to give it only once or twice a month because it contains a high percentage of oxalates.

Oxalate may cause a guinea pig a lot of health problems, such as bladder stones because it prevents the absorption of calcium, which causes stones in the bladder and kidneys, but although it may cause problems for the guinea pig, Brussels sprouts contain vitamin C, which the guinea pig cannot produce naturally for that. It is also needed from an external source. Brussels sprouts contain calcium, phosphorus, and iron

Are Brussel sprouts good for guinea pigs?

Think about the amount of Brussels sprouts that you will give to the Guinea pig. If your guinea pig eats Brussels sprouts once a month to take advantage of the high percentage of vitamin C there will be no harm, but if you give a pig that we sing Brussels sprouts more than once, many problems will occur because of the oxalate level. Which prevents calcium absorption, which may cause stones in the bladder and kidneys, so it is up to you