WHY Do Rabbits Cry ? Do Rabbits Cry Tears


You may see and hear at times the rabbit screaming and crying, and you wonder what caused the rabbit to cry, and you want to calm down and prevent it from crying

Rabbits are considered one of the most sensitive animals, as they can cry for the least thing. Many rabbit breeders ask what makes the rabbit cry and how can I stop its crying

WHY Do Rabbits Cry ?

Rabbits are one of the most sensitive and emotionless animals
Rabbits can cry, of course, there are reasons that push them to cry, and the most important of these reasons

  1. Hunger: Severe hunger may push your rabbit to cry because he needs food, otherwise he will die, so his crying will be due to the pain he feels so be careful to provide your rabbit with food every day and never make him feel sad. We also recommend that you provide him with fresh, appropriate food and he must contain the diet in a way. Basically on vegetables with a small piece of fruit, you can give it romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers or celery and from the fruit you can give it apples, but make sure that it is without seeds, strawberries and grapes, but make sure that the amount of fruit is very little because the high sugar content in the fruit may cause Obesity and diarrhea
  2. Illness: Illness is one of the reasons that make your rabbit cry and cry severely because the disease we know makes it lazy and unable to move or eat and all these things affect it, so it makes the rabbit cry severely so when your rabbit feels sick, be sure to go to a doctor so that he can perform treatment
  3. Death: Your rabbit can also cry if one of the rabbits who were living with him was exposed to death. This will make him cry. The rabbits are affected a lot by the death of other rabbits that were living with him. Therefore, when one of the rabbits dies and you see your rabbit crying all the time, leave it for a while and it will return like the previous one.
  4. Fear: Another reason that prompts your rabbit to cry. How much I said rabbits are social animals that feel many emotions like that felt by humans. When a person is vulnerable, he cries as well as for rabbits, so make sure that rabbits do not feel in danger so that they do not cry
Do Rabbits Cry Tears