Why Do Guinea Pigs Fight and How to stop them from fighting


Perhaps you notice at times that a guinea pig is fighting another guinea pig because of something, and you do not know the reason and want to stop them from doing such a thing so that no one of them is injured, Guinea pigs even though it is a pet, which means you can raise it easily and it does not cause you problems, but sometimes it may resort To violence against the guinea pig because of many things, the most important of which is food for example

 Why Do Guinea Pigs Fight ?

Of course, there must be reasons for making a guinea pig angry and fighting with it at home, as it cannot fight anyone unless there are reasons for that and strong reasons

The most important reason for a guinea pig to become aggressive and fight with another guinea pig is to house two males and two females in the same house. This is not recommended at all. Rather, a male and a female must live in a house and the others in the house so that no problems occur between them because of having sex

It is generally not advisable for two guinea pig males to live in one house because one of them will try to impose control over the house and try in various ways to bother the other male. Therefore, if you raise two males, we advise that you try to distance them as much as possible. The two males may choke on food for example,

How to Know If My Guinea Pigs Are Fighting 

The matter is clear when one guinea pig is fighting against another, as they are basically peaceful social animals, but when they fight, you will notice that they have become aggressive to the highest degree and they may break anything in front of them and try in various ways to infect the other, as the matter may be noticed easily so we always advise you to keep your eyes on them for their safety

How to stop Guinea Pigs from fighting

If you see that one guinea pig is fighting another guinea pig, you should separate them immediately for a period of two days and then gradually let them sit together.

They may fight again, but be patient, and you will find that they can live together, but remember, you should not leave a couple of sang pigs living with another couple in the same house or two males who live with because that of course will make them fight.