what color are rabbits eyes ?


what color are rabbits eyes ?One of the most common questions for bunny lovers who want to raise a rabbit is the color of a beautiful and wonderful bunny ,The rabbit has many eye colors, and these colors may be blue or pink and other colors

But before getting to know them in detail, let's get to know the first about the rabbit, the rabbit is a wild animal that lives in the wild that eats vegetables only, it is one of the pets that do not eat meat at all. The rabbit has many qualities, including that it can be raised and when it grows up it eats it and also one of the most important features for those who want Raising rabbits for eating is that it breeds and gives birth to many children that you can leave them to grow up and then eat them or raise them in order to decorate your garden, for example

What color are rabbits eyes?

  1. Brown
  2. Blue
  3. the Red
  4. Syphilis
  5. marble

There are many colors, the rabbit's eyes are distinguished by the fact that it has many colors, some of which are normal, and the other may have occurred due to some genetic mutation, and examples of these colors are pink, which occurs as a result of a genetic mutation, or the marbled color, it results from sectoral variation of color, then that rabbit will have each eye One color changed from the other

Children of rabbits are often born with blue eyes, but over time, the eye color may change and take on another color

rabbits blue eyes

The blue color is the most common color for rabbits, as most of them are born in blue, and it may change over time as a result of a genetic mutation and turn into a pink or marbled color in which each eye has a different color from the others, such as blue and brown, but most rabbits are born in blue.

rabbits red eyes

If the eye color of your rabbit is red, this indicates that he has a stomatitis, a disease that results from a lack of melanin in the body, which leads to the change of the color of the eyes to a red color, so when the color of the sample becomes red, we recommend that you visit a doctor in order to try to treat

rabbits pink eyes

Pink is the least common color because it results from a genetic mutation, which is the marriage of a couple who are not of the same smoothness, and they may marry, and the pink color does not appear in the eyes of rabbits. As we said, it occurs due to a genetic mutation and it is not common in rabbits