how often do rabbits poop ?

All living things need to defecate every day to get excreta and the remains of undigested food. The rabbit is one of the living things, but many rabbit breeders want to know how often do rabbits poop? As we all know that if any living creature defecates more than necessary, this indicates that there is something
But for the rabbit, it's completely different ,so let us know how often do rabbits poop ?

how often do rabbits poop ?

Rabbits can defecate more than 100 times a day and this is normal for rabbits, rabbits have a strong digestive system capable of digesting most of the foods they eat, so we always recommend that they eat foods rich in fiber and vitamin C, but there are some foods that they cannot digest, so they come out in the form of stool

Defecation for a rabbit depends mainly on the amount of food that the bunny eats and also for the size of the rabbit. The larger the size of the rabbit, it is definitely more food than the small rabbit, so the digestive system of the rabbit digests the food rich in fiber and some foods cannot digest so it comes out in the form of stool

The rabbit does not defecate immediately after eating, but it needs a period of about 6 hours, then it will produce a large amount of stool due to the food that it could not digest.

Also, you should monitor rabbit feces. If you notice that rabbit poop changes every day, this indicates that there is a problem

rabbit healthy diet for healthy poop

A good diet is the most important thing, and as we said that the rabbit defecates more than 100 times a day is not harmful or that there is a problem, but the idea is in the form of stool, but a good diet rich in vegetables and a small piece of fruit is the basis of everything, so you should give your rabbit vegetables such as Romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber and other vegetables and stay away completely from broccoli or spinach because they contain a high percentage of oxalates that prevent calcium absorption and may cause calcium accumulation in the rabbit's body, which may cause him kidney stones and pain during defecation, so make sure to feed the rabbit healthy food as well. Give him a small piece of fruit because the fruit contains high sugar content that may cause your rabbit to have diarrhea and obesity