do rabbits lay eggs ?


do rabbits lay eggs? One of the most common questions of people who do not know anything about rabbits, and it is in fact one of the most funny questions at all. Some believe that rabbits, like chicks, can lay eggs until they hatch, but this belief is completely wrong.

do rabbits lay eggs ?

The answer is, of course, no, rabbits do not lay eggs, so the rabbit is a mammal that reproduces through childbirth is the same as that of a human being and cannot in any way lay eggs
The rabbit reproduces through childbirth, as the fetus grows inside the belly of the rabbit. It reproduces exactly like the female human being, but the human female can usually carry only two boys in her stomach or the rabbit in the matter is completely different. The female bunny can carry more than 5 children in her stomach at one time as well Another thing that a human female conceives every 9 months, or a female bunny, may conceive and give birth every 45 days

Perhaps one of the most important reasons that push people to raise rabbits in order to eat is that rabbits are pregnant and give birth to many children, and that is, as we said, a female bunny can bear 5 children at once, and this matter can happen every 45 days

How to care about rabbits during pregnancy

You must provide the necessary care for rabbits during pregnancy, such as providing food in abundance, because during this period they need food as well. The diet should consist mainly of vegetables such as celery or romaine lettuce.


Rabbits do not lay eggs in any way, but reproduce through pregnancy and childbirth as well as the woman. Rabbits reproduce every 45 days and may give birth to 5 children at once