Do Gerbils Like To Be Held ?

Many people tend to raise pets so that they can play with them and make friends with pets or even for their children to play with pets without fear or anxiety because pets are absolutely harmless, so they are peaceful, and examples of these pets are hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils.

Do Gerbils Like To Be Held ?

Any pet loves attention, animals are like humans. If they see that there is someone who cares about them and plays with them, they will love that person very much. Gerbil is one of the pet animals who loves to play with him and take care of him in order to become friendS

The Gerbil must get used to the person who carries it so that he is not afraid of it also, when you carry the Gerbil, you must carry it very gently because it is small in size so that it does not cause any fractures in the bones

As we all know that Gerbil is a wild animal, so if you carry it severely, it may attack you and it may cause you light injuries, so make sure that you carry it very gently.

How To Hold Your Gerbil

At the beginning, keep in mind that the Gerbil may rise up some of you because he has not yet got used to you, but do not worry. Once you get used to you and form a friendship with him, he will not do anything harmful to you at all

Also, do not carry the Gerbil in the first month of entering your home because the Gerbil will not be used to the new environment in which he lives now

In order to carry the Gerbil just extend your hands so that the Gerbil will climb on it and do not try to hold it because he will feel that there are people trying to attack him and he will attack you with his claws and may cause you damage in your hand so deal with him gently, at first he may not want to carry it, but after a period of getting used to you He will love it so you have to be patient


  1. Never let your children play with Gerbil because, as we know the children, he may harm him, so the Gerbil attacks them, so make sure that your children are permanently away from the Gerbil. You can let them play with them when you are with them.
  2. You must gently carry the Gerbil so that it does not attack you too. When you are happy with your hands and want to return it to a position, drop it from your hands gently so that you do not injure it
  3. We recommend that you carry the Gerbil on both hands so that the jumper does not harm itself
  4. Never try to pick up the Gerbil from his head or his hair