can rabbits eat cardboard ?


Some people think that a bunny can eat cardboard, and they think that because bunny is a rodent, but is cardboard really good for the bunny, or should I keep them completely away from the cardboard

can rabbits eat cardboard ?

I do not advise completely to give your rabbit a cardboard. Some may say that the rabbit can eat cardboard, but on a personal level I do not recommend it for many reasons. First, it is difficult to digest and may cause many problems for the digestive system of the rabbit. Secondly, the rabbit needs foods that contain vitamin C a lot because it cannot produce This vitamin itself is therefore needed from an external source such as vegetables and fruits. Third, the cardboard may have dust and dirt, and this of course will cause the rabbit to have other problems. Sugars that may cause your rabbit to have diarrhea and obesity, or vegetables such as romaine lettuce, celery, cabbage and cucumber. Do not give broccoli or ice lettuce.

is cardboard good for rabbits

Of course, the cardboard is not very harmful to the health of your rabbit, as it may cause digestive problems because it is difficult to digest and also contains soil, and as we know, the cardboard cannot be washed so stay away completely from giving your rabbit the cardboard