what can hamster eat ?


what can hamster eat? This is a question that you must know in order to give the hamster fresh and good food so that it does not cause him any diseases

Hamsters, like other animals, have their own food that they like to eat, especially since they no longer live in the wild like before, so you must prepare fresh, good food for them and not full of dust so as not to cause them any disease

Hamsters are pet animals, meaning that they eat vegetables and fruits and never eat meat, so you must provide them every day a diet consisting of vegetables and a very small piece of fruit

what can hamster eat ?

Hamsters love vegetables a lot and also fruits, but in a very small amount, because the fruit contains a high percentage of sugars that cause hamsters to have diarrhea.
The following foods are safe for your hamster to eat:

  1. bok choy
  2. broccoli
  3. carrots
  4. bell pepper
  5. cauliflower
  6. celery
  7. cucmber
  8. green beans
  9. endives
  10. parsnips
  11. peas
  12. tomato
  13. turnip
  14. zucchini
  15. spinach
  16. cabbage
  17. kale
  18. romaine lettuce
  19. parsley
  20. cilantro
  21. apple without seeds
  22. bananas
  23. black berries
  24. cantlope
  25. cherries without pit
  26. grapes without seeds
  27. kiwi
  28. mango
  29. peaches
  30. pears

can hamster eat grapes

Yes, hamsters can eat grapes, but in a very small amount, because grapes contain a high percentage of sugars. It is preferable to eat grapes once a week and diversify in feeding them fruits for the rest of the week, but in a very small amount,Grapes are a good choice for hamsters

can hamster eat cheese

Yes, hamsters can eat cheese, but a very small amount is sufficient because cheese, and as we all know that it consists mainly of milk, hamsters can eat regular cheese or white cheese, and hamsters can digest cheese well, so do not worry when feeding hamsters cheese
It is not recommended to feed hamsters cheese every day, but once or twice a week is sufficient

can hamster eat banana

Yes, hamsters can eat bananas, but in a very small amount, because bananas are like the rest of the fruit and contain a high percentage of sugars. We recommend that it be part of the diet with vegetables. It is recommended to give bananas to hamsters once a week, although bananas contain vitamin C, which is badly needed