can hamster see in the dark


Many hamster owners ask whether a hamster can see in the dark and the answer is simply yes Hamsters can see in the dark

Hamsters are among the creatures that live in the wild that feed on weeds or worms. Hamsters are more active at night than during the day, meaning that they go out at night looking for food, and this means that they can see at night

But does he see well

can hamster see in the dark

Yes, hamsters can see in the dark, as it is one of the night creatures that are active in the dark, but does it see well in the dark? The answer is No. Go out at night to find food

If you are a hamster, you will notice that it is active at night, eating and playing at night and in the morning and sleep most of the day

Hamsters generate poor vision, so you must provide them with enough light so that they do not suffer any problems while lighting time inside a house, but not with much light. Just light them a bulb from a distance, and it will illuminate the whole place for them

They must be provided with the night environment in order to feel as if they live in the wilderness and go to eat and play freely

You should also remove anything harmful AWAY from them because at the time they wake up you are going to sleep and you do not know what they are doing so you must keep them away from problems so that they are not harmed