How Long Do Rabbits Live? Rabbit lifespan


 A lot of people want to keep rabbits, but they want to know how long Do rabbits live ,The rabbit is one of the most pets for breeding in the world, and the rabbit needs good care because it is very sensitive to diseases and environmental conditions as well. The rabbit is one of the most fearful and cautious animals, as if someone sees him running quickly and hiding in his place

The rabbit is also considered one of the easiest pets that you can raise at home. Many people raise rabbits to benefit from the meat and fur

But if you want to raise a rabbit for a reason other than meat and fur, you need to know how long it can live

How Long Do Rabbits Live? Rabbit lifespan

In the wild, the rabbit cannot live long because of the dangers it faces in the wild from animals that want to eat it, such as cats, dogs, and foxes, or from humans who seek to hunt rabbits and eat them, so we can say that the rabbit cannot live for more than two or two and a half years due to all these risks and also diseases As we said, the mother of the rabbit is very sensitive to many diseases and environmental conditions, so we do not expect that the rabbit in the wild will live long

As for the rabbits that you raise in, they may not live for long if their main purpose is to eat them, but if their purpose is to raise them, they can live to the age of 10 years if they are well cared for and given appropriate food and treat diseases quickly