Can You Bathe Guinea Pigs and Do they need TO BE WASHED ?


The guinea pig does not need to be washed because it is one of the animals that wash themselves frequently, but they need to shower every period, for example every three or four months, you should not wash your guinea pig every week or every month because this may expose to great risks He does not like to shower because he is one of the wild animals that live far from water in dry places

Can You Bathe Guinea Pigs 

In fact, you can wash your guinea pig, but in certain cases, the guinea pig does not like to bathe because the guinea pig cleans itself frequently, but the guinea pig needs to bathe every three or four months in order to get rid of the traces of urine, or the urine may spill into its hair, too. If your guinea pig develops an unpleasant odor, then it needs to be bathed

Also, your guinea pig needs to be washed if it is infected with an infection or insects such as lice, but if it is infected with an infection or insects, we recommend that you see a veterinarian it is better than bathing

When you decide to bathe your guinea pig, you will need a pet shampoo, so we recommend that you visit a veterinarian to show you the best shampoo to use.