can rabbits eat tomatoes ?

Tomatoes are one of the vegetables that no home in the world is without. All people use tomatoes for many things like salads, for example, most people like tomatoes, so does your rabbit also like tomatoes

can rabbits eat tomatoes?

Yes, the bunny can eat tomatoes, tomatoes contain vitamin C, vitamin A, and calcium, and also do not contain many calories and do not contain sugars or fats, so do not worry, you will not cause your rabbit to obesity and diarrhea, foods that contain a high percentage of sugars such as fruit will cause your rabbit diarrhea or obesity If he eats a large amount of them, but the tomatoes do not contain sugars, so it will not cause any harm to your rabbit. We recommend that you give your rabbit fresh tomatoes and that they be well washed from dust and the effects of pesticides and that you cut the tomatoes into small pieces so that they are easy to digest, tomatoes are a good option to offer something new and good For your rabbit and he will love it very much, we recommend that you give your rabbit tomatoes once or twice a week and that you vary the food the rest of the week

Benefits of tomatoes for rabbits

  1. Good source of Vitamin C:Tomatoes contain a high percentage of vitamin C, which the rabbit cannot produce on his own, so he needs it from an external source
  2. Good source of Calcium :Calcium helps strengthen and build bones and muscles
  3. Good source of Potassium