Can Rabbits Eat Spinach?


Spinach is one of the vegetables that I recommend that you do not give it to your rabbit at all, so because it contains vitamin C, calcium and iron, your rabbit will not benefit from these elements at all, but these elements may turn into pathogens for your rabbit

Can Rabbits Eat Spinach?

Rabbit can eat spinach, but in a very small amount, but I do not advise you to give your rabbit spinach, because although it contains vitamin C, which the rabbit cannot produce on its own, it needs an external source and also contains calcium and iron, which are required for building bones, but it also contains a high percentage of Oxalates, oxalates are natural chemicals that are present in spinach in a large amount. Oxalates may cause your rabbit to have great pain when urinating, also oxalates prevent the absorption of calcium and iron in spinach, so your rabbit will not benefit from these two important elements for building and strengthening bones.

When oxalate does not absorb calcium, this leads to calcium accumulation in the rabbit's body, which may expose your rabbit to urinary problems and it may lead to kidney stones.

Therefore, I advise you to completely stop giving your rabbit spinach, there are other vegetables better than spinach that you can give to your rabbit, I am not telling you that your rabbit cannot eat spinach, but your rabbit can eat spinach, but we do not want to risk the health of the rabbit even if the food is good for As long as there are doubts about him, you should stay away from this food, some people advise that you give your rabbit spinach once or twice a week, but I do not agree with them, so you should completely stay away from spinach

can rabbits eat spinach leaves

Spinach leaves are the ones that contain the full nutritional value, but as I mentioned that spinach contains a high percentage of oxalate, which may cause the rabbit to bladder stones, so it is also better not to offer spinach leaves to the rabbit