can rabbits eat cabbage ?


Your rabbit's diet should depend heavily on vegetables with a small piece of fruit.There are many vegetables that you can give to your rabbit, such as romaine lettuce, celery and others, but some rabbit breeders want to give their cabbage rabbit and want to know if it is harmful to the rabbit or not and is it healthy Or not, the answer is quite simple: Cabbage is one of the best foods that you can offer your rabbit, as cabbage contains a high nutritional value, such as it contains a high percentage of vitamin C, calcium, and others also contains a low percentage of sugars so do not worry, it will not cause your rabbit to have diarrhea or obesity

can rabbits eat cabbage ?

Cabbage is one of the vegetables that I advise you to give to your rabbit. You can cook your rabbit cabbage two to three times a week and give it another food for the rest of the week, such as romaine lettuce or celery. We recommend that you offer your rabbit fresh cabbage that has been washed well from dust and pesticides. We do not recommend giving it the cabbage stem because it is difficult Digestion For the rabbit, you can offer cabbage to your rabbit, whether it is cooked or raw, but we prefer it to be raw so that it does not lose any of the nutritional values. Cabbage contains vitamin C that the rabbit cannot produce on its own. It also contains a high proportion of calcium and protein.

Benefits of cabbage for rabbits

  1. Good source of Vitamin C: cabbage contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which the rabbit cannot  produce on his own, so he needs it from an external source ,Each 100 gm of cabbage contains 36 mg of Vitamin C.
  2. Good source of Calcium :Calcium helps strengthen and build bones and muscles ,Each 100 gm of cabbage contains 40 mg of calcium

other safe food you can provide to you rabbit

As we said, your rabbit's diet should depend mainly on vegetables and a small piece of fruit. Among the vegetables that you can give to your rabbit are romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber, tomatoes and broccoli, and among the fruits you can give your rabbit apples but without seeds, strawberries, grapes and bananas, but be careful when giving your rabbit the fruit You should give him a very small amount because the fruit contains a high percentage of sugars that may cause your rabbit to become obese and have diarrhea.


Rabbit can eat cabbage, but we do not recommend that you give him cabbage every day, two or three times it is enough, and you can give him the rest of the week other vegetables such as romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber or tomato