Can Hamsters Swim and is it safe for them ?


Many people think that small pets are unable to swim due to their small size, but in fact there are many small pets that can swim, but they may face a great danger such as drowning due to its small size and their inability to swim well Among these animals are hamsters

Hamsters are small pets that can swim, but is it safe for hamsters to swim or will they face a great danger, such as drowning, for example, or disease?

Can Hamsters Swim and it is safe for them ?

In fact, some believe that hamsters can swim, but we do not think so, because hamsters are animals in wild origin, meaning that they live in the wild far from the water. It is also small in size, meaning that if the water comes down, it will drown

Therefore, we do not recommend that you leave the hamster in a swimming pool, for example, because this will expose him to great risks such as drowning or exposure to disease if the water comes down and the weather is very cold

Do hamster Like swimming

Hamsters are wild animals, meaning that they live far from water
He only needs water in order to drink it
It means that they do not like to swim either

Maybe you watched some videos on the Internet of hamsters swimming and thought that he liked it, but in fact he does not like it. Yes, some people may think that he is able to swim, but if you put in the water for swimming, you will feel that he is not at ease or feels afraid
Because hamsters were not created to live in water, they were created to live in the wild, far from water

Hamster is also a small animal that does not have the ability to swim, yes it can float on the surface of the water, but if you notice it, you will know that it feels very afraid, and if you leave it unattended for 5 minutes, for example it will face a great danger, which is drowning