can hamster eat tomatoes ?


Tomatoes contain a high percentage of vitamin C, which hamsters need because they cannot produce it by themselves, so they need an external source, but tomatoes also contain high acidity that may cause hamsters many problems, but the question here is whether tomatoes are good or harmful to the health of the hamster

can hamster eat tomatoes ?

Although tomatoes are the most used vegetable in the preparation of human food, but it is one of the vegetables that a hamster should not eat at all, although it contains a high percentage of vitamin C that hamsters need, but it also contains a high percentage of Acidity that may cause hamsters to have many problems such as diarrhea or digestive problems and difficulty digesting because the hamster's digestive system is not dedicated to digesting foods that have a high acidity level. Also tomatoes may cause the hamster to dehydrate that may kill the hamster

are Tomatoes good For Hamsters?

I cannot say that it is safe for hamsters, but tomatoes contain vitamin C and vitamin K and also contain few calories, but the problem is in the high acidity that the hamster may not be able to deal with so it will cause many problems such as dehydration because it will need a lot of water and may kill Hamsters also have acidity, which will cause hamsters to have diarrhea and difficulty digesting, so I advise you tomatoes to stay away from giving hamsters tomatoes because the harm is more than the benefits.

Some people think that you can give the hamster a small amount and it will not cause the hamster any problems, but I do not think so as long as this is harmful Why do I give the hamster from the ground even if it is a small amount and instead give him other good vegetables such as cucumber or romaine lettuce instead of tomatoes

Tomatoes have more harm than their benefits to hamster health, so I advise you completely not to give the hamster tomatoes until he does not have any problems such as diarrhea or problems in the digestive system or dehydration that could kill hamsters, tomatoes contain a high acidity and due to the high acidity the hamster may be exposed Your hamster will have many problems