can hamsters eat strawberries?


can hamsters eat strawberries

can hamsters eat strawberries ?

Yes, hamsters can eat strawberries, but a very small amount is sufficient, and only once a week

Strawberries, like other fruits, contain a high percentage of sugars, and as we all know sugars cause hamsters to have diarrhea, so a piece or two of strawberries per week will be sufficient and will not harm the health of the hamster.

Strawberries contain vitamin C, which hamsters need from an external source such as strawberries because they cannot produce this vitamin by themselves.

Strawberries also contain a high percentage of potassium and iron, which help to strengthen hamster muscles

Hamsters cannot eat strawberries every day because that will cause them to have diarrhea because strawberries are high in sugars.
But once a week is enough
It is preferable that the strawberry is fresh and washed well so that the dust does not cause any disease to the hamster

Do not give hamsters frozen strawberries with added sugar or preservatives