can guinea pigs eat strawberries? (benefits and risks)


Strawberry is one of the fruits that loved by many people around the world because it contains a very high nutritional value, as it contains a high percentage of vitamin C, as well as calcium and phosphorous. Strawberry also tastes good and smells beautiful, but the question that many guinea pig breeders ask Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries or will it cause him Problems ?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Strawberries?

Yes guinea pigs can eat strawberries, but in moderation and within a diet with vegetables, and strawberry should not be the main meal of the guinea pig. Strawberry contains many vitamins, minerals, and proteins that benefit the guinea pig, such as vitamin C, which the guinea pig cannot produce naturally, so it needs from an external source Strawberries also contain vitamin K and A, as well as a good proportion of calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorous, but they contain a high percentage of sugars that may cause the guinea pig to have diarrhea and obesity.

Strawberry is one of the best types of fruit that you should add to your guinea pig's diet, but strawberries should be offered to him in moderation, not in large quantities, and only once a week is sufficient.

It is preferable that strawberries are fresh, washed well so that the dust or pesticides do not cause any problems for the guinea pig

Can guinea pigs Eat strawberries Tops and Leaves?

You can give your guinea pig strawberry leaves or tops, but I don't recommend that for many reasons. The strawberry tops and leaves taste not as good as the taste of strawberry also. Strawberry leaves and tops are the most areas that are sprayed with pesticides. Even if you wash them well, there may still be traces of pesticides, so It's up to you

are strawberries good for guinea pigs

Yes, strawberries are beneficial and very good for your guinea pig if he eat them in moderation. Strawberries contain many vitamins and proteins that benefit the guinea pig.

Benefits of Strawberries for  guinea pig
  1. Good source of Vitamin C:Each 100 grams of cucumber contains 58 grams of vitamin C, and guine pig needs vitamin C a lot because it cannot produce this vitamin by itself
  2. Good source of  Calcium
  3. Good source of Phosphorous

tips about fruits for guinea pig

You must be careful when you give your guinea pig any kind of fruit, due to the high sugar content, which may cause the guinea pig to have diarrhea. Therefore, I advise you to always give him the fruit in a very small amount, and it is preferable that he not eat the fruit every day. You can give it to him every two days. That is better, he should also eat Fruit in a diet with vegetables, fruit should not be the main meal of the guinea pig

WHAT CAN Guinea Pigs Eat

Guinea pig loves to eat vegetables in general, so the guinea pig's diet should consist every day of vegetables with a small piece of fruit, but do not give him much fruit because it contains a high percentage of sugars that may cause him diarrhea and obesity, there are some vegetables that a pig cannot A guinea pig should eat it, which is a vegetable that contains a high percentage of oxalate because it may cause a guinea pig to have bladder stones

vegetables that you can give to your guinea pig

  1. Roman lettuce: Roman lettuce is one of the best vegetables that you can offer your guinea pig, but only Roman lettuce and not any other type of lettuce such as ice lettuce because it contains a high percentage of water that may cause your guinea pig to swell
  2. Celery: Celery is also very good, but don't have a lot of it because your guinea pig may not like the taste, but celery is very good for your guinea pig.
  3. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are good, but it is preferable to give them tomatoes that contain a low percentage of salts
  4. Cucumber: Cucumbers are also a good choice for your guinea pig due to their high nutritional value