What Is guinea pigs popcorning and Why they Do It ?


What Is guinea pigs popcorning and Why they Do It?

guinea pigs popcorning is the behavior of the guinea pig. Sometimes when they feel happy, this behavior appears in children more than adults, and also adults are heavier than young children, so you may not notice that they are jumping unlike the young, you will find that its jump is high Some owners of guinea pigs are afraid when they jump up and some think that they have spasticity, for example, but in reality, the moment you think they are afflicted, they are happy because of food like or anything else Popcorning is behavior similar to human behavior, when a person feels happy, they jump and jump into the same position as for a guinea pig
People often want to know how they can make their guinea pigs popcorn But in fact, you cannot force your guinea pig to do this, because this behavior it does automatically when it feels very happy, such as eating fresh and nice food or playing with it for a long time and taking care of it. All these things make the guinea pig very happy and it keeps running all over The place and jumps high form joy

How High can Guinea Pig Jump?

Guinea pigs cannot jump high for a high distance because their bodies are  heavy. The legs of a guinea pig are too short to help with jumping. Small guinea pigs can jump higher than large pigs because small pigs have light bodies unlike large pigs whose bodies are somewhat heavy.
Conclusion :What Is guinea pigs popcorning and Why they Do It?
It is a behavior that indicates that your guinea pig is happy, so it jumps around and runs quickly over and over again and this behavior frequently appears in young children and they can jump a high distance from adults as the youngsters have lighter bodies, in the end This is the only behavior of the guinea pig in order to appear happy and may happen only once