Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?


can guinea pigs eat apple ?

All animals need food in order to grow and grow quickly, so the person must provide them with all the food and water they need and provide the appropriate conditions for the animals so that the animal can live longer and also live happily, some foods are loved by animals, foods that provide them with the fibers and sugars they need and treat many diseases and some Other foods are harmful, to the health of animals and may cause them some diseases, so you must prevent these foods from the animal, So today we will talk about Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple without causing the pig any problems

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

guinea pig can eat apples, guinea pig loves apples, but apples like other fruits, contain a high percentage of sugars that may cause him some diseases such as diarrhea, so he should be given a small amount per week. You can feed your Guinea pig apples once or twice every week. And it does not have to be apples every day or every other day because that will cause diseases
The guinea pig needs food that contains vitamin C in a large amount because the guinea pig cannot produce C protein, so you must provide it with food that contains protein C
Apples contain a high percentage of vitamin C, so they are a good option for the guinea pig, but he should not eat apples every day. He should eat apples once or twice a week.

can guinea pigs eat apple cores

The guinea pig can eat the apple kernel, the apple kernel contains the fiber of juice that helps moisturize the guinea pig also the apple core can supply the guinea pig with water and also can regulate digestion and regulate the blood sugar level, as we know that the guinea pig needs fiber and hydration. Apple kernel is a good good

can guinea pigs eat apple peels

Although the apple peels contain a higher nutritional value, I do not recommend that you give them to the guinea pig and the reason is that they have a high fiber content may cause the guinea pig to have diarrhea